I’m quitting travel blogging


OK, it’s bit of a bombshell for today’s post…but maybe not a huge surprise…?

I’ve been thinking about this for a very, very long time. About 3-4 years if I’m totally honest. I mentally wrote this exact post about two years ago, but I was always too scared to even type it up. 

The words were going around in my head but I couldn’t bring myself to see them in black and white on a computer screen. But there they are, plain as day. I DON’T WANT TO BE A TRAVEL BLOGGER ANYMORE.

I didn’t even want to admit these words to myself. 

I’ve worked so hard for 10 years to build and sustain this incredible travel blogging career…giving it all up would be crazy. 

I’d be stupid to quit travel blogging…completely bat shit crazy…it’s absurd…isn’t it? This is so many people’s dream job!

Travel blogging has been my life, it’s been my everything for so long! 

And for 10 years, it really paid off. I had one of the biggest and most profitable travel blogs in the UK. I had an endless stream of press trip invites and daily travel opportunities pinging into my inbox. I have my own range of luggage for goodness sake! (I know I’m bragging here but I am super proud of it!) It was the dream. 

And then….well…then it wasn’t the dream anymore.

So what changed?

The Travel Hack - I'm quitting travel blogging

I changed, I guess. And travel blogging changed a bit too (but progress within the industry definitely hasn’t influenced my decision. I’m not one of those bloggers who’s saying ‘it was better in the good old days when no one got paid and no one really tried!’) 

And then I had children and, while I was adamant that having children wouldn’t change me, it did. 

And then the world changed. The world changed in such a huge and unpredictable way and it’s made me rethink everything. 

Coronavirus forced me into a situation I wouldn’t have chosen for myself but I’ve loved. My life has become so small. Lockdown forced our lives to become contained within the four walls of our homes. Everything is now within our little bubbles and our tiny communities and life feels very different. It was a big shock, but once I’d adjusted I started to enjoy it. Really enjoy it.

My life began to feel very different without looming deadlines and a calendar full of flights. And I liked it.

And that’s when I realised that maybe I didn’t want to travel anymore.

It’s actually something I’ve known for a while but it’s taken me even longer to accept it. Like I said, being a travel blogger has defined who I am for so long and it’s an identity I’ve really enjoyed having! I’ve loved being the friend who is always jetting off around the world. I love being the person people turn to for holiday inspiration. It’s also really fun meeting someone for the first time and explaining what I do.I love seeing the shock on people’s faces when they hear I make a living through travelling. I essentially get paid to go on holiday. How cool is that!? It’s a great conversation starter and I love it when people start telling me about their favourite holidays and the hidden gems they’ve discovered. 

As amazing as it’s been, I’ve also felt trapped within the confines of being ‘a travel blogger’. It’s like having a hobby and all you’re allowed to talk about is that one particular interest. Imagine if your hobby was knitting and all your friends ever wanted to talk to you about was knitting. You try and bring up a new topic but all they want from you is your knitting tips!

I feel like a one-trick pony and I’ve been doing the same trick for 11 years. I’ve created this amazing community, a group of people who feel more like friends than online acquaintances, and many of them expect me to talk about nothing but travel, like a broken record saying the same things on repeat.

Of course, most people who follow me know that I blog about much more than just travel, but I do get the occasional snarky comment when I dare to go off topic.

‘What’s this got to do with travel!?’ they ask. ‘I signed up to a travel blog, not a mummy blog. UNFOLLOW!’

These people are the minority but we always seem to hear the negative voices the loudest. 

One of the problems with being a blogger, or any kind of online content creator, is that it’s so much more than ‘just a job’. It becomes hard to separate what’s work and what’s fun and what’s family time and what’s down time. Travel bloggers don’t have holidays because every holiday is such a perfect opportunity to work! But, more than that, almost every waking moment is an opportunity to create content and life becomes very blurry when you’re not sure if you’re doing something for fun or doing it because it would make a great photo for your Instagram feed.

For the past few years I’ve felt like ‘The Travel Hack’ isn’t actually me. The Travel Hack was an excited 21 year old, setting off on her first adventure with bright eyes and a bushy pony tail. She had a one-way ticket to Australia, a terrifyingly small amount of money in her bank account and an irritating level of enthusiasm for EVERYTHING! OK, maybe I am still irritatingly enthusiastic but this girl isn’t me anymore.

My love for travelling has never waivered. I still LOVE travelling and I still LOVE blogging about my travels. I love planning holidays and sharing the little details from each trip….I just love other things now too and The Travel Hack just isn’t me anymore.

I’ve considered selling the blog and was offered a generous amount of money in February 2020. My heart was telling me to sell it but my head told me I shouldn’t and I held off. Then COVID happened and the travel industry crashed and…surprise surprise…no one wants to buy a travel blog when barely anyone is searching for travel articles! So the moral of the story there is to trust your heart and that’s what I’m doing now.

So yea…there it is. I’m quitting travel blogging.

Come back later in the week to see what I’ll be doing. If you aren’t already, you can subscribe to my newsletter here for the latest updates.

  1. Macca Sherifi 1 week ago

    Beautiful post Monica and you’ve definitely made the right decision for you and your family. Whatever you do you’ll be amazing at it, but the travel blogging community will definitely miss you!

  2. Rob Dyer 1 week ago

    Good for you Monica.

    It’s brave of you to make this decision but, from what you say, I’m sure it is the right one.

    Like you, being in lockdown, being unable to travel overseas, has made me pause and think differently about life.

    I am so much more grateful now of all those small moments that now mean so much more. Like stopping on our daily walk just to take in and really appreciate the view from a bench, or a clear blue sky, or a stunning sunset.

    Yours is not an uncommon story though and, I suspect we’ll see many more bloggers come to the same decision over the coming weeks and months.

    I think myself fortunate that I came to the blogging world later in life. I’ve done so much already in life, that for me this is the perfect time to do what I am doing (on http://www.therealjapan.com).

    So I will continue to explore and seek out new moments of wonder, but wish you all the very best for what the future holds for you and your growing family.

  3. Jen 1 week ago

    Yay! So excited for this new adventure your on. It might not be so global but it’s an adventure none the less! I think we all change and it’s only right our blogs change with us… I reckon most of your followers have changed or are changing too. I for one will still be following along and can’t wait to see what’s next! 🙂 x

  4. Chloe Dickenson 1 week ago

    I’ve followed your blog for years and you were one of my original inspirations for starting my own travel blog but I can TOTALLY see why it wouldn’t be right for you anymore! Thank you so much for all the tips and inspiration you’ve provided us with over the years, I’m so excited to see what you do next and I’ll definitely still be following along as first and foremost, I think you’re an awesome person, with or without the travel blogging! Good luck in your next endeavours, Monica, I’m sure it’ll be incredibly! xx
    Chloe – https://www.imjustagirl16.co.uk

  5. Olivia 1 week ago

    We have to adapt to the seasons of our lives — can’t wait to see what you do next! xx

  6. Elizabeth 1 week ago

    I’m so excited to see what comes next!

  7. Michael Cicchi 1 week ago

    ???? very interesting ?

  8. I’m sorry to hear this Monica as i remember finding your travel blogging workshop with Ttaverse years ago excellent and have enjoyed the content on The Travel Hack that I’ve dipped in to from time to time (yes awesome luggage range btw!). But appreciate we all change. Look forward to seeing your new direction and thanks for all your hard work and inspiration x

  9. Jayne 1 week ago

    Wow what exciting and I’m sure terrifying news. I’m really intrigued to see what you’ll do next. I always think to myself that I don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t a travel blogger so it will be inspiring to see you change direction.

  10. Chris 1 week ago

    Sad to see you bow out Mon but I’m sure the future is filled with epic plans and a good dash of adventure! Stoked to see what you do next!

  11. Daphne 1 week ago

    A really daring and brave move Monica but also a sensible one if you’re not ‘feeling it’. I’ve let my travel blog rest for a while when I got a near burnout but ever since haven’t felt the urge to document my travels as such anymore. I even travel less and don’t read them as often anymore either. So I totally get where you’re coming from and applaud you for taking this step.

  12. Wishing you all the best in your new stage of life.

  13. Stuart Forster 1 week ago

    Best wishes for your next ventures. Circumstances and people evolve. You’ve certainly made a phenomenal job of it over the past few years.

  14. Paul Farrugia 1 week ago

    What timing! I have been thinking the very same thing! I think COVID has made us all re-evaluate our lives and decide what is important. Good luck on your next chapter.

  15. Theresa 1 week ago

    Good luck in whatever you do next. You have an amazing set of skills – writer, teacher, photographer and more – and a great attitude to life.

  16. Annamarie Morgan 1 week ago

    Hi, sorry to hear that you are quitting travelling, but as you say, people change. I believe that you should always follow your heart when it comes to important areas of your life. Life is short and should be enjoyed to the full, even if in Lockdown. I can’t travel as I will be isolating until there is a vaccine, however, travel isn’t everything. There are so many other things you can do and be, it wouldn’t be fair to you to stick with one thing when you have so much more to contribute as yourself. I hope you keep up blogging as I enjoy your posts. Best of luck. Annamarie x

  17. Agnes 1 week ago

    Appreciate you sharing this. The world changes, and sometimes we need to recalibrate to do what’s best for us. Excited to see what you do next!

  18. Meghan 1 week ago

    Wow! What a bombshell! I’m glad you’ve found a new passion and I hope that you continue to share it. While travel brought me here (mostly while I was living as an expat in Germany), it was all your other posts that kept me here, long after we repatirated to the US. Congrats and good luck on your next endeavor!

  19. Lucy Lucraft 1 week ago

    Good for you Monica! It’s so liberating to stop forcing something that doesn’t quite fit anymore. I don’t know why people think humans have to stay the same forever, or that by doing so, it’s an achievement! L xx

  20. Anne 1 week ago

    Monica, I’m shocked but almost not surprised. Anyway good on you for being brave enough to admit it. I’ve no doubt you will be utterly amazing whatever you decide to do next. Good luck and I can’t wait for the big reveal x

  21. Clare 1 week ago

    Oooh exciting and it makes complete sense. You have built up an amazing site but I’m sure there is more out there for you. I have three blogs now and love each of them for my own reasons. Diversifying is a breath of fresh-air and I think it takes the pressure off when you don’t have to focus on one specific topic / platform. Looking forward to hearing more…. Clare

  22. Thank you for being honest and sharing your thoughts.
    You have to be a woman of strength, courage and determination to walk away while at the top of your game, and you are.

    Although we’ve never met, I’ve been following your journey over the years. I’m sure you’ll do well with whatever direction you choose to go to.

  23. Rohan Gillett 3 days ago

    Wow! I found you a short time ago and already this! Such is life, no problem 🙂 You need to look after yourself and your family before others, so you shouldn’t worry. As the old saying goes, “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter won’t mind”. Do what you need to do. All the best 🙂

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