Who is Monica Lucy?


Who is Monica Lucy?

Well hello and welcome to the all new MonicaLucy.com!

Well this is exciting isn’t it. What do you think of the new name and the new look and feel of the blog? This has been such a long time coming and it just feels so ‘right’. This is me and this is my corner of the internet and I feel like I’m home.

So welcome to my new home. Pop the kettle on or grab a glass of wine, put your slippers on and join me for a catch up.

If you haven’t been on the blog for a little while, let me fill you in…

The Travel Hack Rebrand

This is the blog formerly known as The Travel Hack, run by me, Monica Stott, for the past 11 years. 

Last week I announced I was ready to quit travel blogging and pivot with my blog. The whole ‘I’m quitting travel blogging’ may have been a little dramatic but, let’s be honest, life has been sadly lacking in drama for a little while now! And this actually was a really big deal for me. Travel blogging was such a huge part of my life and it was a big decision to accept and announce that I’m done with it.

I’ve loved my time as a travel blogger but it’s now time to start a new chapter of my life as a lifestyle blogger.

Yes, lifestyle blogging!

OK, not exactly a big, dramatic change but this switch is huge for me!

Travel blogging was the most fun, adventurous and exciting career I could have wished for, but after 11 years I was ready to call it a day. Travel blogging isn’t easy with a young family and I felt like I was becoming more of a lifestyle blogger who liked to travel – rather than a travel blogger who liked to share the odd lifestyle post! And when I do something, I like to do it properly so if I was slipping into the lifestyle niche then I wanted to give it my all!

So here we are, one big decision made and one new lifestyle blog on the blogging scene.

Who is Monica Lucy?

Monica Lucy is a 32 year old mum of three who loves nothing more than an adventure. She’s an outdoorsy type and loves nature, hiking, forests and wild flowers. But also gets a lot of joy out of handbags and shoes and red lipstick and drinking fancy cocktails in stylish bars (where she normally feels a bit old and wishes they’d turn the music down just a little bit!) 

Shall we call it ‘Stylish Outdoorsiness”? I don’t know, she needs to work on her tagline! She doesn’t like talking about herself in the third person so she’s going to stop now…

Adventures are my thing and that’s what led me into travel blogging. But I don’t believe adventures need to be big, dramatic, epic things (although I do like those too!) I find just as much joy in the everyday adventures as I do in the biggies.

I live on the border of Chester and North Wales with my fiance, Sam, and our three kids, George (5), Joseph (3) and Alba (1) and our French Bulldog, Louie (8).

If you’d like to read more about my blogging journey, you can see my blogging timeline here.

Why the name Monica Lucy?

Monica is my first name and Lucy is my middle name. 

I chose the name MonicaLucy.com over MonicaStott.com for a couple of reasons but mostly because I don’t really like the surname Stott. Sorry Dad! It’s just a bit short and blunt and abrupt. I’m also engaged so, one day, I won’t be a Stott as I do plan to take Sam’s name when we finally get married (we’ve been engaged for years but keep finding better things to spend our money on than a wedding!)

And I like the name Monica Lucy. Monica is quite a formal, serious name and I think it’s nicely balanced by Lucy which sounds feminine and soft. 

So here we are with MonicaLucy.com.

What’s with @MonicaLucyBlogs?

Unfortunately, it is the 21st century so the username @MonicaLucy has been taken on all social media platforms so I’ve gone with @MonicaLucyBlogs on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and my all new Facebook page.


One of the reasons I’ve gone with @MonicaLucyBlogs is because that’s exactly what I plan to do. Blog. A lot. In the good old-fashioned way I used to blog years ago!

I’m planning to go old school with my blogging and get back to my roots with almost daily blog posts and updates. I don’t want to say ‘daily’ because I’m sure that’s a challenge I won’t be able to keep up with but you’ll be seeing at least four new blog posts a week. They won’t all be 5,000 word essays, perfectly optimised for Google and contain enough evergreen keyphrases so they appear in search engines for years. No, they’re just going to be blog posts. Just fun, easy, entertaining blog posts that I enjoy creating and I hope you enjoy reading!

Blogging has changed so much over the last 11 years but I want to go back to how it originally was.

This is in no way a criticism of how the blogging industry has developed. I think it’s amazing that people have turned their corners of the internet into such incredible platforms. Blogs have given people a voice and created opportunities we couldn’t have dreamt of! But with so many social media platforms, I think many of us end up spreading ourselves too thin and the constant need to ‘create content’ can take a lot of the fun out of it. 

What will MonicaLucy.com be about?

Well there’s the million dollar question isn’t it!

I’m not pinning myself to a particular niche right now and I’m going to spend the next few months writing and sharing blog posts purely for the love of it. Once I’ve been blogging under my new moniker (get it!?) for a few months I’m sure a particular theme will really stand out when I figure out what I enjoy writing and what you guys enjoy reading.

What I do know is that this will definitely be a lifestyle blog rather than a ‘mummy blog’. 

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  1. colin stott 1 month ago

    Exciting times – I’m so proud of you. Don’t worry about not liking your surname – I didn’t choose it either but I did play a part in naming you.
    Love as always.

    • Linda Morris 1 month ago

      Good luck Monica with your new venture, sounds exciting. Look forward to reading about what you get up to. Ha ha, I didn’t like the surname either, was glad to ditch it when I got married! Lots of love Auntie Linda x

  2. VickyFlipFlop 1 month ago

    Monica Lucy! New blog looks and sounds fab. Excited to read your posts to get to know more about your fab life. Can’t believe Louie is 8! Growing up. I remember when you got him. Ooo I love a juicy personal post. I’m already signed up to all your feeds so can’t be any more of a fan but I will enjoy following your new lifestyle blog!

  3. Jayne 1 month ago

    Congrats on taking the plunge with a rebrand! I know how making that kind of decision brings new motivation and freedom – I’m a bit jealous actually and might have to do it again myself ? I’m really looking forward to reading more personal lifestyle posts. It’s def the type of content I prefer to follow, especially from a familiar voice like yours. Good luck!

    • Monica 1 month ago

      Thanks Jayne. I was really jealous when you did you original rebrand!

  4. Angie Silver 1 month ago

    I’m excited to read your new posts and everything that’s ahead for you and your family!

  5. Liz Stoker 1 month ago

    This looks absolutely fab. Can’t wait to see where you go with it. I’m excited to follow along with all your adventures.

    Big love
    L xx

    • Monica 1 month ago

      Thanks Liz. As always, your support and encouragement means everything!

  6. Elizabeth Dhokia 1 month ago

    Congratulations on the rebrand and new direction. This post reads with so much joy and humour, I can feel your excitement jump off the page.
    I also love that Louie the bulldog had his age included too. Bless him. One of the kids!
    Enjoy your new challenge, I’m sure it will be awesome.

    • Monica 1 month ago

      He’s my original baby! Thank you so much for all of your help leading to this moment. I honestly don’t think I could have done it without you.

  7. Theresa 1 month ago

    Congratulations and good luck. It will be awesome.

  8. Shannon 1 month ago

    This is all so exciting, I will definitely still be following along!

  9. Eileen Evans 1 month ago

    Good luck with your new venture Monica. Your writing flows so well and your enthusiasm bursts through the screen. I look forward to hearing about your new adventures x

  10. Humaira 1 month ago

    Love the new name and direction Monica!

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