Borneo: The biggest flower in the world!!

Whilst in Borneo, we had the chance to visit the biggest flower in the world.

We’d seen a few signs on the side of the road offering viewings of the ‘World’s Biggest Flower’ which you could see for the equivalent of about a fiver. I was reluctant for a while because I didn’t want to pay to see a flower. But how often do you get the chance to see the largest flower the world has to offer…? So I finally caved and here it is:

Unfortunately there was a fence around the plant so I couldn’t get close enough to put something next to it to give it some perspective. I can tell you this though, it was definitely the biggest plant I’ve ever seen.

  1. Bob Crunch 9 years ago

    >Cool photo. It doesn't look too big, but then again there is nothing to compare it to size-wise.

  2. Natalie 9 years ago

    It might be the biggest flower in the world but it is also the ugliest! It’s so scary! It looks like the kind of flower that would close in on you if you put your hand in there. It’s like something out of a nightmare! Pretty cool though.

  3. sivas 8 years ago

    it looks like really great. than you for sharing

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